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15 Sep 2013:Updated Gallery software from v1 to v3  details »
Updated Gallery software from v1 to v3. Plenty of features/security items that were lacking drove us to finally update. URLs have been updated in records.
03 Aug 2009:Added functionality to Records area  details »
Individual records can now be displayed by clicking on the record's title. Good for sending URLs to specific record details, for example.
30 Mar 2008:Getting a [very] little bit of style  details »
Updated the ol' site with some stylish new looks, did some general code maintenace/clean-up, and called it a day.
30 Jan 2007:The Great Moustachio Contest of Early 2007 begins!!  details »
The much-hyped, wildly-popular Moustachio Contest of Early 2007 has begun! Several participants shaved last evening and/or this morning in preparation for the, "On your mark, get set, grow!" event of today. More details available on Stymie's blog. Pictures available on the Stash page.
12 Jan 2006:Stymie had back surgery (vertebral fusion)  details »
He'd had a broken back for twenty-five (25) years or so, and decided that it was time to have it fixed. So, he had his L5-S1 vertebrae fused together. What fun! Some attempts to give status updates can be found in the dBlog.
30 Dec 2005:Updated UT Server with new voice packs, skins, weapons, and map configurations  details »
Added eight (8) voice packs, two (2) weapons, one (1) skin, and twenty (20) new map configurations. Also made separate list in MapVote menu for DM maps that use Regular weapons. No more guessing on the types of weapons that a map will have...

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