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15 Sep 2013:Updated Gallery software from v1 to v3  details »
Updated Gallery software from v1 to v3. Plenty of features/security items that were lacking drove us to finally update. URLs have been updated in records.
03 Aug 2009:Added functionality to Records area  details »
Individual records can now be displayed by clicking on the record's title. Good for sending URLs to specific record details, for example.
30 Mar 2008:Getting a [very] little bit of style  details »
Updated the ol' site with some stylish new looks, did some general code maintenace/clean-up, and called it a day.
30 Jan 2007:The Great Moustachio Contest of Early 2007 begins!!  details »
The much-hyped, wildly-popular Moustachio Contest of Early 2007 has begun! Several participants shaved last evening and/or this morning in preparation for the, "On your mark, get set, grow!" event of today. More details available on Stymie's blog. Pictures available on the Stash page.
12 Jan 2006:Stymie had back surgery (vertebral fusion)  details »
He'd had a broken back for twenty-five (25) years or so, and decided that it was time to have it fixed. So, he had his L5-S1 vertebrae fused together. What fun! Some attempts to give status updates can be found in the dBlog.
30 Dec 2005:Updated UT Server with new voice packs, skins, weapons, and map configurations  details »
Added eight (8) voice packs, two (2) weapons, one (1) skin, and twenty (20) new map configurations. Also made separate list in MapVote menu for DM maps that use Regular weapons. No more guessing on the types of weapons that a map will have...
11 Dec 2005:Updated UT server with new weapswap mutator; added five (5) maps  details »
New weapswap2.1d mutator is a bug fix release that takes care of an "off-by-one" error found in the original weapswap2.
Added maps "DM-1on1-Arena", "DM-DWang4m8][", "DM-BloodyBlocks", "DM-VSK-Arena", and "DM-beta-Funnel-2004-5][-Echo".
29 Nov 2005:Added updated mutators to UT server.  details »
Updated weapswap2 mutator to version weapswap2d. The new version allows for server admin to configure mutator to swap/not swap a substitute weapon for the Redeemer. Also adds some configurable logging (on/off).
Updated DFeedback from v2.01 to v2.02. The new version provides a new feedback item for when a player gets hit (if player takes damage). This sound is configurable and can be enabled/disabled.
27 Nov 2005:Updated UT server with new mutators.  details »
Updated the MapVote mutator to MapVoteLA13, and added the DDay2k4combos mutator. The first fixes some issues with v12 of the mutator. The second adds new Combo sounds (e.g., "Double Kill", "Multi Kill", et al), with a couple of new distinctions (Ludicrous- and Holy Shit kills).
22 Nov 2005:Updated UT Server. Added new maps, mutators.  details »
Added four new maps (DM-{BKS}Almighty, DM-Arctic, DM-Beta-Funnel, and DM-Buzzer). Added three new mutators: AMLP HUD/SB, DoubleJumpUT, and AAASloMo_v2. The first is a scoreboard/HUD mutator that displays some extra stats/info. The second allows for multiple jumps (like Matrix Moves). The last puts the game in slow-motion for a short time.
28 Jul 2005:Updated UT Server. Added new maps, mutators.  details »
Added a new map (DM-AnthemCity][-DDay), and an updated map (DM-VSK-Warzone3-DDay). New weapons and new images to see. Added new mutators to server: BurningCamper, DFeedback, and TeleBonus v1.1d. BurningCamper, as the name suggests, burns campers. DFeedback provides configurable hitsounds for gameplay. TeleBonus v1.1d expand on TeleBonus v1.1, allowing for more than one (1) broadcast sound. The mutator glorifies telefragging.
14 Jul 2005:Updated UT Server with mods/ weapons/ mutators.  details »
Added an anticamper mutator "FairGame", which roasts anyone found camping and turns the bots on the camper. Added "TeleBonus" mutator, which rewards players for telefragging others. Incorporated the Digital Extremes mutators "VolatileAmmo" and "VolatileWeapon", which cause ammo to explode upon being shot, and players' weapons to explode when the player dies.
Also added new weapon that, unlike other weapons, works better when player using it stands still -- the ClanZST Rifle.
17 Apr 2005:Updated Records section of site  details »
Updated the Records section of the site. Adjusted look and feel to integrate more tightly with the site. Changed the way that See It pictures are displayed, utilizing a stand alone page now.
28 Mar 2005:Corrected site layout  details »
Fixed site styles to display as desired in more browsers than just IE (tested with Firefox). Also added a counter to the footer. It employs a MySQL table (does not require it's own database, just a table). It only counts repeat visits after two hours (sets a cookie that expires in two hours).
25 Feb 2005:Added ASCII Artist interface  details »
Added interface to Boosty's ASCIIArtist, a PHP class that generates ASCII representations of images.
30 Jan 2005:Added FIGlet interface  details »
Added an interface to the world renowned FIGlet program, which is a program that "creates large characters out of ordinary screen characters", according to the program's README (opens in new window).
02 Oct 2004:Added new Redeemer mutator to UT Server  details »
Added Redeemer 2K3 mutator that emulates the Redeemer from Unreal Tournament 2003. Adds new feedback and visual effects!
14 Jun 2004:Altered site layout slightly  details »
Corrected issues with nav area spacing. Allows for more consistent browsing, removing incidences of data being rendered outside of display area.
10 Apr 2004:Improved UT Files navigation  details »
Implemented sorting by Name, Last Modified, and Size for UT Files display. Can be sorted ascending or descending.
06 Mar 2004:Added .int files to UT Files area  details »
In response to requests for .int files from mods used on server, the said .int files have been added to the UT Files area (accessible by the nav area at left)
25 Jan 2004:Added hella weapons maps on UT Server  details »
Added some powerful weapons to about 60 of the maps on the UT server. These weapons include: MagnumV2, Mac10, Apples RebelMac, BuniTazerV2, BuniDuster, Apples Infinity2nd, Apples Crispy2, BoomDartsV2, AuKI BubbleGunV2, BinSlayerV2, Blackmistyk, FleshBomb, and RapidSaphyre. This was done using DDayMapConfig and weapswap2 mutators.
21 Jan 2004:Added 17 maps to UT Server  details »
Added 17 DeathMatch maps: DM-Brutality, DM-RainyDayz, DM-Splinter, DM-UT-Tourney][, DM-4x4Symmetry][, DM-AncientArena][, DM-BronxHouse, DM-CMNSchoolDD, DM-DeadlyFalls, DM-Deck14][, DM-DogTown, DM-ESP-DunamisZNight, DM-Helleth-SR, DM-KTB-aGiantBedroom, DM-ShockRockDA, DM-UrbanArena][, DM-VSK-Lapdance. WeaponSwapper is enabled for the last 13 of these maps for some nasty fragging action.
20 Jan 2004:Added new mutators to UT Server  details »
Added Damage, TeamGlow, Adrenaline, KickIdlers v2b, InvisibleSpawn, WeaponSwapper v2, and DDayMapConfig. The last mutator is an adaptation of Boden's 'BodenX.MapConfig' that allows for mutator control on a map-by-map basis. That is, the server admin can add mutators to a given map by specifying the desired configuration in the DDayMapConfig.ini file. It also contains some cleaned up and optimized code. As of this writing, DDayMapConfig is in beta 3 release.
13 Jan 2004:Added new Apache Longbow helicopter pictures  details »
Added around forty (40) new pictures of Apache Longbow helicopters. The pictures are almost all from Korea, and were taken throughout the year in 2003.
18 Dec 2003:Adjusted bot configuration on UT server  details »
Tweaked bot settings via GUI and in 'user.ini'. Toned down large skill gaps (ex., Loque is not like an aimbot anymore). This helps even out gameplay. No more 35 to 2 victories. Varied bot skins/faces more to make each one more unique.
05 Dec 2003:Added new mutator to UT server  details »
EnhancedFeedback mutator gives additional announcements (lead changes, frags-left countdown from 3), and adds Lamer-spree message to show when someone's playing is lame (3 deaths with no frags).
12 Nov 2003:Added 10 new maps to UT server  details »
Added the low grav maps DM-[IFC]LockerRoom, DM-Berf, DM-Escher, and CTF-UnrealMafia. Added the regular grav maps DM-Funky+, DM-UserFriendly, DM-Meatpit, DM-KBuoy, DM-LS_Dusty, and DM-BattleArena.
10 Nov 2003:Revamped News section  details »
Reworked code such that the six most recent headlines are displayed by default. Added control to show all headlines. Implemented use of Session to maintain state.
08 Nov 2003:Added MapConfig to UT server, consolidated regular- and low grav servers  details »
Added MapConfig mutator from Boden's Toys mutator collection (BodenX2.MapConfig). This allowed for the ability to put all maps on one UT server and configure them on a map-by-map basis.
02 Nov 2003:Added new mutator to UT server  details »
Added Headshot Bonus mutator. Players are now awarded 2 frags for pulling a headshot.
06 Oct 2003:Added 7 new maps to UT server  details »
Added DM-PsyMaze, DM-OutdoorMayhem, DM-007-Egyptian, DM-LS_Pacman, DM-FuryArena, DM-BeforeTheAltar, and DM-FunHouse.
02 Oct 2003:Added 'News' section to ddayinc.com  details »
Added 'News' section to show list of additions/changes to ddayinc.com.
02 Sep 2003:Added new skin to UT server  details »
Added 'babyboom' skin to UT server.
21 Jul 2003:Added 6 support textures/files to UT server  details »
Added BossSkins, CommandoSkins, FCommandoSkins, SGirlSkins, and SoldierSkins skin packages, and BotPack package.
20 Jul 2003:Added 8 new maps and 1 voicepack to UT server  details »
Added DM-Academy, DM-Ancient_Arena, DM-Babylon][Arena, DM-DeckImpossible, DM-Lion's_Den, DM-Scimitar, DM-Treasure, DM-VSK-VengencesArena, DM-{sks}RedeemToo. Added Jerky Boys voicepack (UTSJerkyPak).
03 Jul 2003:D-Day, Inc. goes live  details »
After having UT redirection running for about 3 weeks on the ddayinc.com domain, we finally got the front-end up at ddayinc.com. It is written in PHP and uses mySQL on the backend.

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