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Fastest Happy Meal consumption
Friday, 11 Apr 2008
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Ryan "Bob" Barker
Ryan consumed one (1) cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonald's in 62.27 seconds. This consisted of the cheeseburger, small fries, and a small drink (water). As seems to be the standard with speed eating challenges, Ryan had a case of the shakes, presumably as a part of the strategy -- it has been shown to help increase saliva production and to accelerate the jaw's chomping actions, both of which aid in swallowing.
This successful challenge finally puts to rest the questions about the validity of the infamous "71-second Happy Meal" job that the previous record holder Chad Haselby posted about eleven (11) months prior to this challenge (at WizzlePalooza 2007). There were questions looming around the regulation-ness of Chad's Happy Meal, as the french fry count was reportedly a bit low. [youtube.com video (new window)]. Be sure to catch Ryan's reaction after the 71-second Happy Meal beating that Chad put down that night. Note: that challenge never became an official record, as the case became caught up in the legal system, neither camp willing to budge an inch on their take.
Fine job, Ryan "Bob" Barker. Your challenge also brought to an end the terrible Food Challenge Drought of 2007-2008 (there was a staggering seven (7) months gap in action since the previous challenge in Aug 2007).
Happy Meal

Fastest Happy Meal consumption (Previous record)
Wednesday, 31 Dec 2003
Chad Haselby
Chad consumed one (1) cheeseburger Happy Meal from McDonald's. This consisted of the cheeseburger, small fries, and a small drink (water). He was able to down the goodies in 92.6 seconds. In the process, he dethroned Brando as the fastest eater. Lookers-on commented on the seemingly uncontrollable trembling of Chad's hands. Part of his strategy?
Did not achieve goal! Chad was attempting to complete this challenge in under 75 seconds. Maybe next time.