D-Day, Inc. D-Day, Inc.
Most chocolate malt consumed
Thursday, 15 Jul 2004
Michael Vance
Michael slurped down 84.8 ounces of chocolate malt from Dairy Queen Brazier. That was about 2.65 large chocolate malts. How did he like it? "I'm enjoying this, this is good shit". He had the challenge relocated to the outdoor eating area, as the malts were freezing his innards. These cool treats resulted in 3498 calories worth of energy for Michael.
Did not achieve goal! Michael was attempting to slug down three (3) large chocolate malts. After seeing him devour two malts in 25 minutes, spectators were sure that he would succeed. Then, about half way through the third malt, Michael was stopped cold. After walking about to try to ease the discomfort, Michael burped up a bit of malt. Then, a short bit later, he was seen being a malt fountain, spewing an arch of malt for approximately three (3) seconds. The nearby mother and daughter enjoying their own cool treats did not seem to notice. Michael noted that the discarded malt was still cold.

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