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Most jalepaños eaten
Tuesday, 09 Nov 2004
Greg Wojtak
Greg snacked on 16.02 ounces of delicious, zesty Vlassic Jalapeño slices. He was able to do so in 57 minutes and 23 seconds. Quite a feat, considering that the sweat began flowing and the eyes began watering at about the 3 minute mark. Perseverance. Greg's fork was eventually shaking at nearly supersonic speeds. To make a meal of it, Greg added part of a glazed yeast doughnut, a pint of milk, and about a quarter of a napkin to the feast. Quotes of interest: "I'm having some issues right now", "Tongue burning, eyes sweating, bowels churning, must finish jar of jalapeños", and "This is some whack shit, yo".
Did not achieve goal! Greg was trying to consume the contents of two (2) 16 fluid ounce jars of jalapeños. He fell a touch short, only eating one jar and two (2) pepper slices from the second jar. However, as a "can't keep me down" bonus, Greg slurped down twelve (12) ounces of K.C. Masterpiece Honey Brown Sugar barbeque sauce in 4 minutes, 28 seconds after stopping the challenge at hand.

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