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Most popcorn eaten
Thursday, 17 Feb 2005
Greg Wojtak
Greg crunched and munched his way through 10.75 ounces (cooked weight) of delicious popcorn from a Christmas sampler tin. The tin had three (3) tempting flavors: cheese, rich caramel, and artificial-imitation butter. He demonstrated an assortment of eating techniques, ranging from the stand and stash to the kneel and gnash to the very effective steam-shovel stuff. A real trooper, Greg was careful to collect any and every dropped nugget of popped corn, placing it back in the tin of joy to be enjoyed later in the event. And, of course, Greg uttered his catch-phrase, "it hurts", a few times during his challenge. Always a crowd pleaser.
Did not achieve goal! Greg was attempting to eat approximately 1.8 pounds of popcorn. Maybe next time, Orville.

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