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Most applesauce consumed
Thursday, 21 Apr 2005
Matt Boren
Matt gulped down thirty-five (35) ounces of sweetened applesauce in seventeen (17) minutes. Quick math: 2.25 pounds. Matt was a bit unsure going into the event after the previous day's trial run in which he hurled the healthy treat about fifteen seconds after starting. He fared far better in the actual event, slugging down swig after swig of the slightly lumpy, room temperate side dish without much threat of blowing sauce. As this was not a premium brand of sauce, it was a bit less smooth and a bit more "vomity" in texture. One spectator noted that the "stares" started at about the 7 minute mark -- Matt got the 100 yard stare. After finishing up the apple squeezin's with only a slight delay, he went out to a celebratory lunch. He ate four (4) of the nacho chips that he ordered. What a celebration.
Did not achieve goal! Matt was attempting to devour the 35 ounces of apply goodness in 16 minutes. So close, Johnny Appleseed.

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