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Most chicken nuggets consumed
Friday, 02 Mar 2007
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Danny McConaha
Danny reached new heights in chicken nugget chomping by devouring sixty-six (66) McDonald's chicken McNuggets. The challenge began in heads-up battle mode, but Danny eventually left the competition in the bread pan as the chicken eating carnage continued.
An awe-struck crowd watched on as Danny laid waste to nugget after nugget, soon making it to the sixty (60) nugget mark. Then, the chicken may have begun fighting back. The Records Gallery - Nuggets shows the drama escalate as it came down to the final half-dozen nuggs. As captured in one of the images, there seemed to be an angel present, guiding those chicken-like morsels down Danny's gullet. Overall, he was able to choke down over two (2) pounds of chicken: scientifically approximated weight of actual chicken: nine (9) ounces. Ronald: "Filler, what's that?"
About one (1) hour after the challenge, when asked, "Was there a chicken fountain?", Danny responded with: "No chicken fountains... I did, however, lay a couple of eggs." That is clucked up.

Most chicken nuggets consumed (Previous record)
Friday, 09 Sep 2005
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John "Wizzle" Warmoth
John tore his way through one (1) small Party Platter's worth of chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A. Sixty-four (64) nuggets! After a shaky start (he uttered, "This isn't happening" after just one nugget), John found his groove. He was soon punishing that platter, popping in the pleasing nuggets in rapid-fire succession. In most cases John did not even bother applying any barbeque sauce to the hapless nuggets (note: barbeque is John's favorite sauce of all). Several Chick-fil-A patrons (and even a few employees) showed interest in the challenge; some encouraged, while others talked smack.
At what seemed to be the mid-point of the challenge, an event official counted the remaining nuggets to give John an idea of his progress. After the count (and a conference with the store manager), officials found that the employees gave John a medium Party Platter (120 nuggets), not a small (64 nuggets). John ate the last couple of nuggets needed to attain 64, and rejoiced. The manager was moved to present John with a token of respect: a large-sized Chick-fil-A "Eat mor Chikin" plush cow toy. Upon completion of the challenge, John had taken in 8720mg of sodium (approx. 4 times the maximum recommended daily allowance). Salt-terrific!