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Most cheese eaten
Thursday, 15 Sep 2005
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Viktoriya Yurko
Viktoriya "Red" Yurko nibbled down 18.75 ounces of Laughing Cow Light spreadable Swiss flavored cheese in about thirty (30) minutes. Things started out well, but then slowed down a bit. She attempted to boost her spirits by conversing with her challenge support team, but to no avail. She threw crackers into the mix, which broke up the monotony of the moldy morsels a might. As the cheese wheel turned, Viktor noticed that "little pieces of cheese were getting stuck in the middle of [her] spine, causing it to pain". Ouch. After struggling on, and a feeling of imminent regurgitation, Viktoriya reached her peak of twenty-five (25) wedges. Good job, Chuck E.
Did not achieve goal! Viktor was attempting to eat thirty-six (36) ounces of delicious cheese, but after about 1/2 dozen cheese wedges (0.75 ounces each), Vik "knew [she] was not going to be able to complete the assignment". After a baker's dozen of the Laughing Cow's cheese wedges, Red felt a "strong tickle" on the right side of her head. The Cow did not stop tickling her until she said 'uncle'. After sixteen (16) Cow wedges she developed a slight fever. That is how to tell that you have selected a fine cheese product. After the 2nd dozen of wedges, the urge to purge came over Viktoriya. So, she ate a piece of candy and threw down one more wedge for good measure. The Cow got the last laugh, stopping her short of her goal. She did keep down the wholesome goodness, though.
Side note: Viktoriya actually laughed the last laugh about four (4) hours after the challenge upon utilizing the latrine and disproving the age old adage about the cork-like effect of large quantities of cheese on the user's system. Ha.

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