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Most Jello eaten
Wednesday, 21 Sep 2005
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Misty Price
Misty slurped down 48.75 ounces (over three (3) pounds) of delicious Jello brand gelatin in twenty (20) minutes. From the word "go", she was like a school kid afraid that she was not going to get her share of the goods, tearing through them so quickly that she cut herself on one of the cups! Misty employed the "chipmunk-cheeks"- and "gopher-jowls" techniques to help her conquer the fifteen (15) Jello cups. The Jello bent to her will the entire challenge, until the last cup. Almost immediately after said cup, Misty found herself gathering her things in preparation to disgorge the sugar-free snack. She dashed outdoors and emitted some Jello-air. Misty was able to keep the Cosby treats down, down in her belly. Whew, that was close (but, her kidneys' output sent her to the latrine five (5) times in the following two (2) hours).
Flavors: cherry, black cherry, orange, lime, and strawberry.
Total Jello calories: 150 (a great, light snack for you dieters out there).
Time until next hunger pang: about two (2) hours.

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