D-Day, Inc. D-Day, Inc.
Most yogurt eaten
Wednesday, 28 Sep 2005
Brandon Neuenschwander
Brandon shoveled down four (4) pounds of flavorful vanilla yogurt in nine (9) minutes. Within the first three (3) minutes, he had obliterated the first of the two (2) 2-pound vats of the bone-and-teeth-friendly treat. About 1/2 way through the second vat, Brandon stopped to enjoy some fresh Pepsi. After the ensuing belch-fest, he got back to it, finishing the second vat at about the nine-minute mark. Done! Lookers-on observed the ghostly whiteness that had come over Brandon's complexion, some fearing that failure (regurgitation) was imminent. Like a rock, Brandon did not falter; he kept the yogurt down. His skeletal system rejoiced, "I'm gonna be so much stronger, now!"

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