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Most milk consumed
Thursday, 10 May 2007
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Tim Hillman
In what was the inaugural challenge for the Pennsylvania branch of challengers, Tim drank down about 116 ounces of fresh, wholesome 2% milk. He paced himself well, getting to about twelve (12) ounces left with seven (7) minutes to go in the hour. Then, cube-neighbors "heard moaning coming from his cube until we heard the whoshing sound and [liquid] hitting the garbage can". That's right, Tim did this challenge in his cube. One neighbor fled the area after the five (5) milk trucks came driving up out of Tim's dairy case. Tim: "I thought I was going to make it, and then the donkey kicked and it was over. About five (5) good flows of the white stuff".
Another spectator, when asked about the aftermath, stated that he did not want to get too close to the destruction, understandably. He did, however, surmise that Tim had eaten a hot dog for breakfast, presumably from the odors/sounds emanating from Tim's cube. Was Tim practicing for the wiener dog challenge, potentially? We may never know, but one thing is for sure -- Tim is one tough competitor: after making a milk pond in a trash bag, Tim "just kinda wiped his chin and was fine". Unphased. Hopefully the world will learn more about this milk maniac through his future endeavors... We shall see. Moo.

Did not achieve goal! Tim was trying for one (1) gallon of milk. Maybe next time, Dairy King.

Most milk consumed (Previous record)
Saturday, 19 Nov 2005
Dave Harper
Context: This submission comes from a company of Apache Longbow helicopter personnel currently stationed in Iraq. D-Day kept the almost all of the original verbage intact to accurately preserve the events of this fateful day
We got into a discussion last week [13 Nov 2005] about a person not being able to drink and keep down a gallon of milk. One of our W-1s* (Dave Harper) said he KNEW he could drink and keep down a gallon of milk in/for one hour. Milk at the mess hall only comes in 250ml containers, so we figured 15 would be about a gallon [quick math: 0.991 gal.]. Dave chose "Full Cream - NADA Fresh" milk over skim; bold move. We are not sure if it is milk from a cow, a goat, or a camel. [Nutritional info omitted for space]. We received quite a few looks from the other patrons for the 15 bottles on one tray. Dave started strong at 0752. At 20 minutes into the challenge, he had downed 6 milks. "That's a lot of fucking milk!" was his first real hint at cracking. One of the more astute W-1s* went and got a 45 gallon trash bag; good move.
A little later Dave [declared], "I'm scared to burp." He finished number 7 by 25 minutes, and his eyes started to glaze over. At the halfway point, he [warned] "you may want to keep that bag open" and "don't make me laugh!". [Dave] finally choked down number 8 by 37 minutes, but he was hurting. At 40 minutes he had his head down on the table. "I'm pacing myself" he stated. At the 45 minute mark he had finished #9, all the time plotting how he would down the last 3 or 4 in the last couple of minutes. But the mess hall was closing, so we all grabbed the milks and started to depart. As we were discussing giving him a few extra minutes to offset the walking time, we looked for Dave. He had ducked into the emergency exit to expunge his milk breakfast. [The result] was a very heavy trash bag, and he almost got some sympathy pukers as we each weighed the bag. [Dave chug-a-lugged 0.594 gal. of milk].
Young David now knows that it is not possible to drink a gallon of milk. He has also learned to listen more closely to his senior Warrant Officers. And a couple of us are $20 richer, thanks to young Dave. Hopefully pictures are to follow when we move North and get a better setup.
* W-1: US Army rank of Warrant Officer 1
- submitted by Bobo, CW3, brother to D-Day
Did not achieve goal! As noted above, Dave was trying for one (1) gallon of milk. Close, Elsie.