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Most McDonald's Double Cheese Burgers eaten
Friday, 23 Feb 2007
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Ryan "Bob" Barker
Ryan "Bob" Barker chomped down ten (10) delicious McDonald's double cheese burgers ("dcb's") in right at sixty (60) minutes. Barker began the devastation by killing two (2) of the dcb's in just four (4) minutes. He even doubled-up on numbers 5 and 6, effectively killing a quadruple cheese burger. The fevered pace eventually slowed, but Barker remained all smiles. As any good showman, Barker kept the suspense high throughout the competition. He took the challenge down to the wire, finishing the last bite just as time expired (many thanks to the supportive lookers-on). Barker's new nickname: The Cheeseburglar.
At 165g (5.8 oz) each, the dcb's totaled 1650g, which is 58.2 ounces; that is 3.63 pounds! And, at 440 calories each (down from the 460 calories that dcb's of Jan 2006 possessed), Barker ended up ingesting 4400 calories. Thanks for the high-energy lunch, Ronald!
Barker was spotted leaving the main wing's restroom about 1.5 hours after the competition concluded, still carrying a dashing smile. Do-do-do-do-doo, I'm lovin' it!

Most McDonald's Double Cheese Burgers eaten (Previous record)
Wednesday, 18 Jan 2006
Josh Widener
Josh chomped down eight (8) delicious McDonald's double cheese burgers. A few spectators in the break-down room witnessed the awesome feat, which took only thirty (30) minutes. Each scrumptious, 6.1 ounce double cheese burger, hereafter referred to as a "dcb", contained a respectable 460 calories! To wash down the tasty dcb's, Josh chose to cleanse his palate with some refreshing Coca-Cola® Classic. This came in the form of a 32 ounce drink. Yummy!
The total calculated mass of the dcb's was 48.8 ounces; 3 pounds and 1/2 ounce. However, when the master of ceremonies weighed the delectible snack before Josh began the gorging, it only tipped the scales at three (3) pounds. Is Ronald cutting some corners?
The only notable quote that was salvaged from the event was from Josh: "I'm fucking miserable."
* record info courtesy of BMo. Thanks, BMo!
Did not achieve goal! Josh was going for ten (10) delicious dcb's. Darnn it all... just two (2) dollars worth more...