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Most Taco Bell food -- speed round (1/2 hour)
Friday, 27 Jan 2006
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Michael "Cowboy" Foster
Michael "Cowboy" Foster crunched down seventeen and one-half (17.5) crunchy tacos from Taco Bell in thirty (30) minutes. That is 1,365 grams (3.0 lbs.) of terrifically tasty tacos.
The IT folks at Quicken Loans [Detroit, MI] held the great Taco Bell crunchy taco eat-off. One-hundred-eighty (180) tacos were purchased. Bystanders partook of 6 free Nachos Bell Grande that Taco Bell threw in free for a large order**. IT teams were represented as follows:
  • Network: Scott "Scoot" Kinlin
  • Windows Engineering: "Wild" Bill Parker, Joe "The Machine" Gazariks
  • IT Business Office: Andrew "My Little Pony" Lemanek, Michael "Cowboy" Foster
  • Data Center Management: Dan "Old Man" LoCicero
The contest was held on the 4th floor ping pong table, and was overseen by Ben "Ben" Van Heudsen. The contestants were given one half-hour (30 minutes) to eat as many tacos as they could possibly stuff into their gaping maws. Score was kept on a whiteboard by Jason "Mr. Metro" Slater, with each contestant raising his hand each time he devoured a taco.
Scoot seemed obligated to pound out belch after glass shaking belch in order to make room for his tacos. It was quickly apparent that Joe "The Machine" and Michael "Cowboy" were the two to watch. Odds favored The Machine; he had a wonderful showing in the previous week's warm-ups. However, after about the thirteenth (13th) taco, The Machine seemed in need of service.
The final minute of the challenge saw the excitement erupt. Cheering was heard down to the first (1st) floor. The Machine was behind by one (1) taco, and seemed to be dragging. He stood up, grabbed a taco and attempted to shove the whole thing in his mouth.
Ultimately, the IT BO Team who gained bragging rights, with Michael "Cowboy" tearing through seventeen and one-half (17 1/2 or 35/2)** tacos. The Machine crashed at [barely]** seventeen and one-third (17 1/3 or 52/3). So close! The Cowboy, [not]** concerned about starving children in Asia, finished his eighteenth (18th) taco with a big grin on his face after time was up. "Slow and steady wins the race", says the tortoise.
As it turned out, everyone was a winner, as the extra tacos were put in the "free food" area of the fourth floor kitchenette. Fresh and delicious.
* record write-up courtesy of Greg Wojtak. Thanks, G.E.W.!  Unedited transcript available
** corrections provided by Michael "Cowboy" Foster

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