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Most breadsticks eaten
Tuesday, 27 Feb 2007
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Ryan Birk
In a spontaneous show of ambition, Ryan Birk"-alicious" called out an impromptu challenge -- twenty (20) breadsticks -- on the way to lunch. Hello, Fazoli's. The show started with great news for Birk -- he would only have to pay for four (4) sticks -- Fazoli's would spot him the rest from their bottomless basket o' b-sticks. Yesss.
After laying out a few stacks, Birk got to the order of business at hand: pummeling a pile of sticks. He doubled up, smeeshing two (2) b-sticks into the size of one, thereby halving the amount of work that his mandibles would have to put forth. This fearsome pace continue on through the first half of the event. While there was briefly a question about keeping this food furnace fueled, any such concern was soon squelched as the b-stick fairy came by with her abyss of buttery, garlicky b-sticks and restocked the pile. Whew.
After slowing to a crawl, a few walkabouts, and an unconfirmed deuce, Birk resumed the b-stick bashing, beating eight (8) more hapless sticks into submission. The last two (2) sticks put up a valiant fight, but alas, Birk proved too much for the high-carb challenge. Twenty (20) Fazoli's breadsticks in about thirty-seven (37) minutes. Next event: playing Wonder Bread factory in the first stall of the men's restroom.

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