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Most Burger King Quad-Stackers
Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007
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Ryan "Bob" Barker
Ryan stacked four (4) Burger King Quad-Stackers in his [bottomless?] belly. In a fashion which is quickly becoming his trademark, he leisurely munched on the big ol' burgers as though he was enjoying a pic-uh-nic basket at the park. He had downed seventy-five percent (75%) of the big-as-a-baby's-head burgers before some spectators even had the chance to finish their measly one (1) Whomper meal.
An onlooker's comment that the burly burger bore a resemblance to a beat-down beaver seemed to fuel Ryan's eating-machine fire. Has this man no limits? There was only one (1) display of mortality, visible when Ryan proclaimed "that was close" after a particularly meaty burp. Will all records soon belong to Ryan "Bob" Barker? At this rate, no record is safe. As an aside: These bountiful beef bombs totaled four-thousand (4000) calories, and two-hundred seventy-two (272) grams of delicious fat.
It's good to be king!

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