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Most Big Ass Burgers
Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007
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Ryan "Bob" Barker
Ryan put the smackdown on two (2) Big Ugly burgers from Bub's Burgers, each of which had a twenty-two (22) ounce (pre-cooked weight) patty. Ryan fired it up in fine fashion, ready to conquer the burger world. Part of the way through the first Big Ugly, Ryan ordered the second. Shortly after finishing the first, he also ordered the third, as it was taking the cooks so long. Confidence supreme.
Next, the next burger. Ooph. "Lookit all that meat", exclaimed an excited entourage member (to himself, of course, so as not to discourage "The Machine"). Ryan kept working and working, all the while growing less and less confident. He came to realize that this off-the-cuff event may have gone better with some prior planning, and that three (3) Big Ugly burgers was probably out of his reach that day. He had a lot of hopes riding on his attempt -- even the waitress was giving strong words of encouragement, and she too was crushed when Ryan had to waive off on the third burger.
Is this eater really human? Does he actually have limits? He may have hit a wall this day, but he has vowed to make it back after some training/planning, and will again fight to conquer three (3) Big Ugly burgers. Not only would he be the first person in the restaurant's history to do so, the restaurant would hang a life-size poster of Ryan to immortalize and celebrate the triumphant eating machine. Some day.

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