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Most Big Ass Burgers -- Hottie Edition
Tuesday, 03 Jul 2007
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Marianne X
Marianne was feeling fiesty for this, her first fine feast at Bub's Burgers -- finally. She ordered up a famous Big Ugly, listened intently as the server read her the rules, and licked her chops, barely able to wait for the cooks to frizzle-fry up that tasty burger. Holy big burgers!
The stages (common to most challenges):
1) Wow'd by all that meat.
2) Ecstasy as she prepared to partake.
3) Laughter -- what a fun little game
4) Struggle -- must.. keep.. eating...
5) Success.
She had been able to keep her skirt on; she needed only to unfasten it a few notches to make room. After killing the Big Ugly, Marianne sat contented, holding her head up high. Only thing left to do: pat the belly and wait for that meat baby to be born. Side note: Marianne was honored on Bub's wall with a traditional "I ate a Big Ugly" victory picture.

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