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Most Potstickers
Monday, 23 Jul 2007
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Misty Price
Price (aka "P-Rice") set out to enjoy some potstickers, and after a delayed start, did just that. Upon arriving at the eatery that was hosting the event, she came to find that they did not have any potstickers ready/waiting. So, P-Rice sat patiently, ready for the grub, while event coordinators spoke with the owners and straightened out the situation.
And, she's off! P-Rice downed the first dozen potstickers in as many minutes. After another brief delay (for the cooks to prepare another dozen), she was again dunkin' and grinnin', stickin' it to those potstickers. Bam! In 31 minutes and 28 seconds, those poor potstickers had been pounded by the P-Rice eating machine. Was that enough to please her? Of course not -- she had a plate of food from the buffet, some dessert, and, of course, a fortune cookie. Her fortune? "You will sit on a throne in the near future -- take something to read".
Mmm -- potstickers

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