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Most Oreo Double Stuf
Tuesday, 07 Aug 2007
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Liz Molitor
Liz, in her inaugural food challenge, made all of the school kids jealous when she lived their meal-time dream: cookies for lunch. No sharing, no "eat your vegetables", no two-cookie limit. She enjoyed one (1) eighteen (18) ounce package of Oreos. When asked, "Double Stuft?", Liz exclaimed "Of course!". Three (3) dozen Double Stuf Oreos.
After one-third (1/3) of the package, Liz began to get serious about the treat. She was no longer using the brute force dunk-and-slam method, but moved into the unscrew-and-savor method popularized by Oreo commercials around the world. However, Liz decided to use "spider milk" as one spectator called it -- Silk Soy Milk. Mmm.
At the two-third (2/3) package mark came a food challenge staple -- the shakes. The Oreo Kid's steady hands began to tremble a bit, presumably due to the excitement (and potentially due to the 5.5oz of straight sugar in the cookies that she had consumed so far). As she neared the end of the challenge, Liz was able to retain control on at least one finger. She displayed said finger to the crowds without falter as a few hecklers began their "eat another bag" grumblings.
Then, finally, the Oreo that she was looking for -- the last one. Success. Eighteen (18) ounces of Double Stuf Oreos in forty-five (45) minutes. Oh, and that sugar count? 8.25oz of sugar -- over one-half (1/2) pound. Not only did Liz get to indulge, but she ended up with a considerably fatter pocketbook. Since most of her teeth fell out almost immediately due to sugar-rot, Liz cashed in as the Toof-Fairy visited that very evening and bought the busted lot of them. Liz -- a Double winner.
Double Stuft

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