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Most Kolache balls eaten
Wednesday, 05 May 2010
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Kyle Kilgore
Kolaches (aka "kol?če") -- "a type of pastry consisting of fillings ranging from fruits to cheeses and/or meats inside a bread roll." They sound good; they are good. So good that Kyle decided to see how many he could eat. The Kolache Factory has them and Kyle "the Kolache Killer" Kilgore kills them.
Kyle ordered up eight (8) to start:
one (1) bacon & cheese
four (4) pepperoni & mushroom
two (2) BBQ beef
one (1) Kolache of the Month, "Not So Sloppy Joe"

A judge called "start", Kyle put the pedal to the metal and began pummeling pastries. The first was gone in sixty (60) seconds. The sequel: another one gone in another sixty (60) seconds. In fact, Kyle held the one-kolache-per-minute pace through the first seven -- Angelina would have been impressed.
At about the eight (8) minute mark, and after two (2) more kolaches were acquired, Kyle began back at it. Number nine was just off of the pace. Then, number ten: the mightiest kolache yet, the little kolache that could. It fought back, determined to rob Kyle of his victory, but the scuffle was short lived; it turned out to be the little kolache that could not. Kyle kicked back this final kolache just before the eleven minute mark for a low, low time of ten (10) minutes and fifty-two (52) seconds. Ahh, nothing to do now but sit back and savor the flavor of the little buns now in his oven.
Kolache balls!

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