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Record NameRecord Summary
Most S.o.C. deep dish pizzaAte four (4) pieces in ten (10) minutes
Most Kolache balls eatenAte ten (10) Kolache balls in 10 minutes 52 seconds
Most chicken wings eatenAte forty-two (42) chicken wings in thirty-seven (37) minutes
Most hush puppies consumedConsumed 30 hush puppies from Long John Silver's in thirty-two (
Most quarter-pound hotdogs w/ buns eatenAte five (5) quarter-pound hotdog sandwiches in 20 min, 55sec
Fastest Happy Meal consumption62.27 seconds to eat a full CheeBurger Happy Meal
Most Oreo Double StufAte eighteen (18) ounces of Double Stuf Oreos in forty-five (45)
Most PotstickersAte twenty-four (24) potstickers in 31 minutes
Most Big Ass Burgers -- Hottie EditionAte one (1) Big Ugly burger from Bub's Burgers (22oz of meat)
Most Big Ass BurgersAte one (2) Big Ugly burger from Bub's Burgers (44oz of meat)
(D) Most milk consumedDrank one-hundred sixteen (116) ounces of 2% homogenized milk
Most Burger King Quad-StackersAte four (4) Burger King Quad-Stackers
Most Donettes in one sittingThirty-six (36) donettes
Most chicken nuggets consumedAte sixty-six (66) chicken nuggets from McDonald's
Most breadsticks eatenAte twenty (20) breadsticks in thirty-seven (37) minutes
Highest caloric intake in one sittingFour-thousand four-hundred (4400) calories
Most McDonald's Double Cheese Burgers eatenAte ten (10) McDonald's Double Chese burgers in sixty (60) min
(D) Most White Castle food in one sittingAte 23.5 White Castle, 3 cheese sticks, 44oz water, 22oz Coke
Most Taco Bell food eaten (total)Ate twenty-one (21) tacos (3.6 lbs.) from Taco Bell
Most Taco Bell food -- speed round (1/2 hour)Ate 17.5 hard tacos (3 lbs.) from Taco Bell in 30 minutes
Most yogurt eatenAte four (4) pounds of french vanilla yogurt in nine (9) minutes
Most Jello eatenAte 48.75 ounces of Jello in twenty (20) minutes
(D) Most cheese eatenAte 18.75 ounces of spreadable Swiss flavored cheese
Highest fat intake in one sittingAte 19.25 ounces of peanuts for a total of 275 grams of fat.
Fastest 1/2 gallon milk consumptionDrank down one half (1/2) gallon of 2% milk in 3 min 50 sec
(D) Most applesauce consumedAte 35 ounces of sweetened applesauce in 17 minutes
(D) Most popcorn eatenAte 10.75 ounces of Christmas popcorn (butter, caramel, cheese)
Most coleslaw eatenAte three (3) family size tubs of coleslaw from KFC
(D) Most chicken legs eatenSteve ate 22 full-sized chicken legs from BW3's
Most bowls eaten at Mongolian BarbecueAte four (4) bowls of food at Mongolian Barbecue
(D) Most jalepaños eatenAte just over 16 fl. oz. of sliced jalapeños
(D) Most barbeque sauce consumedGuzzled down 18 ounces of barbeque sauce
Most sushi and dumplings eatenConsumed 4 rolls of sushi and one dozen dumplings
(D) Most chocolate malt consumedDowned 84.8 ounces of chocolate malt
(D) Most Bloomin' Onion eatenAte 1.02 Bloomin' Onions from Outback
Most strawberries eatenSixty-one (61) ounces of strawberries
Most fortune cookies eatenTwenty two (22) fortune cookies
Most pepperoncinis eatenTwo (2) 16 fluid ounces jars of pepperoncinis
Most heads of lettuce eatenTwo (2) heads of lettuce
(D) Most gummy bears eaten244 gummy bears
(D) Most Taco Bell chicken soft tacos eatenTen (10) chicken soft tacos
(D) Most Tic Tacs consumed967 Tic Tacs
(D) Most egg rolls eatenEleven (11) egg rolls
(D) Most iced sugar cookies eatenThirteen (13) Archer Farms cookies
(D) Most pizza, breadsticks, and wings eaten14" pizza, ten (10) wings, three (3) bread sticks
Most Tootsie Pop suckers eatenThirty (30) Tootsie Pops
(D) Most meat eaten50 oz of ribeye
(D) Most fried Okra eaten37.76 oz
Most SweetTarts eaten106 SweetTarts and one (1) pack of Smarties
Most packets of Taco Bell taco sauce35.5 packets of taco sauce
(D) Most pudding eatenForty-eight (48) fluid ounces of pudding
Most shrimp eatenThree (3) pounds of cocktail shrimp
Most sticks of gum chewed at onceThirty (30) slices of gum
(D) Most whipped cream eaten from a canTwo (2) 14-ounce cans of whipped cream
Most grapes eatenThree (3) pounds of grapes
(D) Most Happy Meals in 1 hourFive (5) full meals and sandwich/drink from sixth
Hottest Straw HatHotter than Ron Armstrong's
Most Slammers from Hardee'sTen (10) Hardee's slammers
Most Slammers from Hardee'sTen (10) Hardee's slammers
Note: (D) denotes 'did not achieve goal'