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Food Challenge Rules (release 0.2 -- Dec 2009)

Event Time Limit:
Standard time limit is one (1) hour.  For especially difficult/serious challenges, challengers may petition for more time.  The judges/panel will establish the amount of time allotted, if different than the standard.
Food must be swallowed at the end of the time limit.  It does not necessarily have to have reach the challenger's stomach, it just must have made it past the back of the mouth and into a "pipe".

Disposal of Consumed Challenge Materials:
The challenger shall not expel any of the challenge materials via any place above their shoulders.  They may visit the latrine to allow normal bodily functions to occur, so long as they do not entail the challenge materials leaving via some body part above their shoulders (as seen when the challenger is in the full upright position).  To ensure that this rule is not violated, an official may accompany the challenger in such instances.

Overall Time Window:
The challenge is not officially over until one (1) hour past the last bite/drink/swallow of food by the challenger.  That is to say, in order to have a challenge be deemed a "success", the challenger must keep the food down until one (1) hour has passed since their last bite/drink/swallow of challenge material.

Calling the Shot:
Before the start of the challenge event, the challenger must declare the quantity of the given item(s) that the challenge activities will encompass.  In order to beat an existing record, of course, either this quantity must exceed the current record's quantity, or the challenger must do the same quantity in a shorter amount of time.

Successful Challenge:
In order to complete a challenge successfully, the challenger must:
    - have completed their challenge within the "event time limit"
    - have not disposed of their challenge materials in a way disallowed by the rules (see "Disposal of consumed challenge materials" section)
    - have kept their challenge materials down for the additional one (1) hour after stopping their challenge (see "Overall time window" section)
    - have "called their shot", and met the goal that they set in so doing
Note:  a challenge will be categorized a "Did not achieve goal", or "DNAG", if the challenger does not meet their stated goal.  The challengecan still set the record if the rest of the criteria are met and the challenger consumes more than-, or the same amount in a shorter time as the current record (or if no record exists for the chosen record category).

The challenge must involve at least one (1) of the following:
- the presence of an official affiliate of the D-Day, Inc. challenge staff
- the presence of a duly appointed D-Day, Inc. representative, in place of an official staff member
- full, non-stop, uncut video of the event up until the last bite, including some sort of reliable chronograph (a stop watch or a time counter on a phone, for example)
    - no tomfoolery or camera tricks:  these events are for honest people, by honest people.  Cheating is no fun for anyone.  If you just want to fabricate tales of amazing feats, write yourself a blog entry elsewhere, make yourself a YouTube video, or something of the likes
    - again, honesty:  this does not require that there be video of the one (1) hour period after the last bite/swallow.  We rely on challengers'/witnesses' honesty.  If a challenger chunks, let it be known.  Capturing that part of the event even adds to the reader's enjoyment of the event.

Other Information:
D-Day, Inc. staff writers generally write up the event details for posting at ddayinc.com.  If no staff members were on-hand for the event, someone from the event should submit details for the purpose of chronicling the event for all to enjoy.  These transcripts must include details that establish the record -- counts, weights, times, and so on.  They may also include any desired observations, quotes, notes, etc. that the submitter feels are pertinent.  Colorful descriptions/language are welcome and encouraged.  Pictures and/or video clips/segments (above/beyond the uncut video proof) help to preserve the event, and make it more enjoyable for the readers.  Times are used in the event of ties in the quantity consumed:  the challenger with the faster time holds the true record.

Add-on Food Items:
Challengers may choose to enjoy other food stuffs along with their challenge item(s).  For example, if they are attempting to eat the most pizzas, they may enjoy the refreshment of a few liters of tasty cola, several ounces of crushed red peppers, and a bucket of parmesan cheese.  These add-on food items are perfectly fine, but will not constitute a new/different record, unless they were explicitly included in the "calling the shot" stage.

Completeness of this Rules Document:
This document is intended to set forth the rules for D-Day, Inc. challenges.  While we attempt to cover most of the pertinent topics here, no document is all-encompassing.  As this is a living document, periodic updates/clarifications will be made as required.  We put forth the rules to ensure that challengers are on a level playing field.  The point of the challenges is to mainly to have fun, and to earn some bragging rights in the process.  Do not attempt to exploit loopholes in this document.  While one could do so, such actions are contrary to the spirit of this organization.  Instead, please submit any information about loopholes, lacking descriptions, inconsistencies, etc. that this document may contain, so as to make it better for everyone.

Release history:
v0.2 (Dec 2009):  updated "failed attempt" verbiage to "did not achieve goal" or "DNAG", so as to clear up confusion between a true failure (challenge that did not beat a record) and a record setting effort that did not quite reach the mark for which the challenger was striving.

v0.1 (2009 sometime):  intial release upon the unsuspecting world