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Saturday, 17 Jan 2009
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Matt "Roobus" Hazlett
Matt, in his first entry in the food challenge arena, set out to enjoy a hearty helping of chicken wings from BW3's. The first order was eighteen (18) wings: nine (9) Caribbean Jerk, nine (9) Sweet Barbeque. As with many challenges, the initial pace was strong. Matt, using his patented technique of splitting the wings with one smooth thumb stroke, was downing wings like it was his job. And, what goes with chicken? Well, according to Ludacris, "beer" -- so Matt had a tall twenty-two (22) ounce beer to add to the enjoyment.
This first eighteen (18) -- child's play. As witnessed by one of the pictures in the Chicken Wing gallery, though, Matt was a little surprised by the girth of the some of the wings in the second eighteen (18), all of which were all Caribbean Jerk.. Without regard for his well-being, he pushed on with the task. It was not until the twenty-eighth (28th) wing that Matt even had to set a wing down to pause and reflect. Then, as the timer neared the end, the pace drew to a halt at thirty (30) wings. While we may never know, some spectators believed that the fish sandwich from Burger King a few hours before the event may have still been swimming about in Matt's belly, taking up precious cargo room. Not bad for his first event, though.
Some notable quotes:
  • "I haven't eaten for a straight hour, well, ever!"
  • "Another one and I'll fuggin' blow!"
  • "After a while, chicken starts to taste like shit." So, apparently, the ol' "tastes like chicken" rule is flexible.
Another tidbit: word of Matt's challenge seemed to have made it around the employees a bit. There was a hefty waitress, waiting in the wings, eyeing Matt, admiring his skills, and licking her chops. But, that is a challenge for another day (and a different challenger, probably).
Did not achieve goal! Matt was attempting to devour three (3) dozen wings, falling just short. Well, at least he kept down the tasty treat -- Caribbean Jerk out through the nose would stick with you for a while...
Tastes like chicken!

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