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Wednesday, 07 Mar 2007
See it! (Gallery)
Allen Crawford
Allen, in his debut challenge, let his skee-ulls shine through as he decimated the previous donette record fifty (50) percent over by eating a total of thirty-six (36) powdered donettes. Unfortunately for the writing staff, the event was extremely low key. In fact, Allen was able to help three (3) customers and close two (2) tickets during the donette destruction.
In short order, and in very orderly fashion, Allen worked through the three dozen donettes, laying out the victims in stacks of two in blocks of twelve. He sent each powdery pastry to their doom. Some question still lingers as to whether Allen has an internal beverage depot, as he merely sipped on the homogenized milk that accompanied the tasty breakfast. Tasty pictures are available in the Records Gallery -- Donette Edition
Side note: when local law enforcement officers learned of this donette devastation, they reportedly hung their heads in shame, for they knew that they had been made to look like anti-pastry protestors with their measly two- to three- donuts per morning.
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