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Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009
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Alex Etherington
Alex, in his maiden challenge, decided to tackle an existing record, believing that he could better said record by eating five (5) quarter-pound hot dogs from the exclusive Sam's Club in less than twenty-two (22) minutes.
The start: obvious excitement. Alex was raring to go. One of the event coordinators reported that the anxious Alex thought that he might even dispatch the delicious dogs in less than ten (10) minutes. "Go!", called the time keeper. Alex tore into the first delectable dog, which he destroyed in the blink of an eye: gone in fifty-five (55) seconds. Now for the second wiener dog: sent to meet its maker in another short eighty-five (85) seconds, putting Alex at the 2m 20s mark. "These are juicy", he noted.
An astonishing pace -- can this dog whisperer keep it up? 0.5 flavor-packed hot dogs later: "No". Alex shows his first sign of relenting. And, to the crowd's dismay, utters something about the dreaded "wall", followed by "That's a lot of meat!"
Passers-by scarcely paid attention to the action-packed event, until Alex started "making room", burping out several air pockets of wasted space. One of the powerful belches scared a small child as she strolled by the challenge area. The ladies seated at the table in front of Alex did not appear to mind too much, though the breeze from another of the mighty expulsions surely brushed by them. He briefly entertained the idea of making room by visiting the latrine, but no one seemed interested in accompanying him.
After clearing his mind, Alex went back on the offensive. He finished the third-, and then, with more calculated, precise bites, eventually made it through the fourth delightful dog. He periodically chatted up his peeps on the cellaphone, and sent out the occassional text. Finally -- the fifth and final hot dog. Alex was occasionally letting people know that there is a whole lot of meat flavor in those heavenly hot dogs, and pushed on towards the finish. Time began to get short, and Alex needed one more focus-session. With renewed vigor, he attacked the final hind quarters of the dog, taking approximately four (4) bites to give the last hot-diggity dog its new [temporary] home.
Total time: 20m 55s. Alex has become the wiener dog king. For now...
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