D-Day, Inc. D-Day, Inc.
Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006
Jeremy Smith

Did not achieve goal! Jeremy was all jazzed about destroying some tasty shakes from Dairy Queen. He could not believe that a person could not consume three (3) quarts (or 96 ounces) of cool refreshment. Many contest watchers were amazed at the shear volume of smack that Jeremy was talking about how he was going to obliterate those poor shakes.
So, Jeremy ordered up two (2) 32-ounce strawberry shakes, and one (1) vanilla shake. Right out of the gate, spectators enjoyed a true spectacle of shake-slurping. Jeremy laid waste to the first half-gallon of shake-goodness within twelve (12) minutes. Then, reality set in. The shakes began drawing thermal energy from deep within Jeremy's core, fueled by their desire to restore equilibrium with their surroundings. Brr. After getting through a case of the "shakes", Jeremy found that it was time to hit the latrine. After nearly 25 minutes of playing Sno-cone factory, he emerged determine to press on.
Jeremy sat back at the table and started in on the last third of his challenge. About three (3) sips later, he found himself on the DQ patio, coaxing the still-melting shakes in his belly to stay put (see images in the Record Gallery). After a short reprieve, and a couple of more sips, Jeremy was half out the door to the patio and throwing up a bit of the Cool Treats that he had enjoyed throwing down. After another short time of calm, the gates were opened, and the rest of the now-frothy shakes leapt from his tummy with a distinct "splat" onto the patio pavers. After alerting the DQ employees that our friend was sick (and had made a pink puddle), we all jumped in the Jeep and stewed in the fun and frivolity we had just experience. Luckily, Jeremy's insides were fine with keeping the rest of their contents (if any), and no chuck was spilled in the Jeep. Jeremy vowed to avenge the failure. A rematch date has not been set.