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Monday, 19 Apr 2010
See it! (Gallery)
Mark Lockwood
Mark's maiden challenge -- and only his third time ever at a BW3's. On the day prior to the challenge (Sunday), Mark was ill (unrelated). One beneficial side effect of the illness was his system purge, making way for the goods. He decided to take nourishment from forty-two (42) regulation wings in under an hour.
Step 0 -- Mark ordered two (2) dozen wings. They arrived, doused in sauce like they were in a commercial.
Step 1 -- Mark dove in, unafraid to make a mess. Napkins piled up, wet-wipes were worthless and weak. In the midst of this first set, a random waitress who had caught word of the challenge stopped by:

Worker bee: "What kind of sauce, Blazin'?"
Mark: "No, it is not."
Worker bee: <extraCheery>"Well, that's not really a challenge, then, is it?"</extraCheery>
Mark: "Go away."
Peanut gallery: <heartyLaughter />

Step 2 -- ordered eighteen (18) more wings. They arrived and, per Mark's reaction at the first bite, were more thermally energetic than Billy blue blazes. After a brief cooling period, the eating resumed. Mark methodically masticated this batch with little fanfare -- straight business. Eight (8) left, then five (5) left, then two (2), then -- that's it, all gone! Forty-two (42) wings in thirty-seven (37) minutes. From sickness on Sunday to greatness on Monday.
Mark mentioned his plans for the rest of the day: go to bed at 7pm.
Tastes like chicken!

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