D-Day, Inc. D-Day, Inc.
Thursday, 23 Mar 2017
Cam the Aussie
Cam, in his first sanctioned food challenge on American soil, aimed to set the bar on deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza. Cuddly like a koala, but dangerous as a drop bear, he came out of the gate with three (3) pieces, tearing through the first two within the first four (4) minutes of the event -- go, Cram, go! After torching the third piece, it was back to the buffet for another piece and, much to the crowd's surprise (and delight), a plenteous pile of pasta! Bonzer!
Without hesitation Cam dove back in for that bar-setting slice. Brilliant! A bit slower rate of consumption on this historic piece, but he plodded on. Three, two, one bite left, done. Ripper! Ten (10) short minutes and the record was his! His reward to himself? Pasta! Cam crammed in the penne pasta with pride. Success -- tastes so good.
There was a side story simmering as the main event transpired: a member of the crowd, enjoying his lunch at a leisurely pace, was closing in on the record that Cam had just set. The earbashing began, and eventually grew so powerful that Cam chose to reward himself again -- more pasta! An impromptu heads-up battle nearly ensued, and was narrowly avoided. Forks down.
Some in the crowd noticed that, as the signals from Cam's belly finally began to make their way to Cam's brain, Cam's brain started to push back, if only subtly -- he was chocka. There was a thousand-yard stare, an iffy hiccup, and a jeopardous belch (common predecessors to the chunder from down under), but Cam eventaully forged through. The day was won.
With nothing left to do but to sit back with his pizza baby and to not brown his daks, proud Cam posed for the victory pic -- just him and his little Kamgaroo in the pouch. Congrats, Cam, and cheers for snapping the nearly seven (7) year draught in food challenge events!
Camoala the drop bear!